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100% of every dollar raised can be contributed to life-saving cancer research because of our partners. Thank you.

Major Founding Partners

Heritage Cooperative

“Giving back” comes naturally to Heritage Cooperative. Our founding companies, together, had 165 years of experience working with individuals, organizations and communities. Our heritage has taught us to respect, nuture and care for the communities and the people who live in them, not only in the circle of communities where we operate branches, but outside that circle.

As one of the founding partners of the Fueling the Cure™ program, we could not say no to the Growing the Cure™ program which will again benefit the lives of every man, woman and child in our service area, and beyond, by supporting and promoting “foods that will combat diseases.” We are committed also to providing products and services that assist growers in creating the safest and most nutritious food in the world. Products we consume daily to have happy, healthy lives. We are proud to sponsor, support and raise awareness for the research necessary through Growing the Cure™.

Jackson Jennings Farm & Pet

Founded in 1929, Jackson Jennings Co-op is committed to working with the individuals, organizations and communities in which we operate. We are dedicated to “giving back” to those in our trade territory which stretches over ten southern Indiana counties through corporate donations, sponsorship and partnerships with other companies and cooperatives.

Jackson Jennings Co-op, along with four other cooperatives, participates in the Fueling the Cure™ endowment that was established in September 2009. Fueling the Cure™ was created with the hope of finding a common goal on which agricultural cooperatives could work “cooperatively” ultimately bettering their communities through the support of cancer research. Each cooperative, including Jackson Jennings Co-op, donates $1.00 to the endowment for each LP delivery made with our four Pink Fueling the Cure™ LP trucks.

In August 2010, Jackson Jennings Co-op along with other cooperatives began funding a new endowment, Growing the Cure™. Jackson Jennings Co-op will donate five cents per bag of seed beans sold to our customers and ten cents per bag of seed corn sold to our customers to the Cooperatives for the Cure of Cancer endowment.

The proceeds from these two programs will be combined to benefit the Cooperatives for the Cure of Cancer endowment.

Town & Country Co-op

Success. Noun: The accomplishment of an aim, goal or purpose.

Town & Country Co-op believes that in our lifetime we will successfully find the cure to the cancers that devastate the lives of our family and friends.

To accomplish that goal, employees actively raise funds for cancer research being done by Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC – James) and the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research at the OSUCCC – James. We are especially excited about supporting the interdisciplinary research being done at OSU, as it highlights and promotes the role that agriculture and food science play, along with medical research, in finding the cure. Our customers and company are committed to growing the most healthy crops and food products possible given limited resources; if we find that these crops are “what the doctor prescribes” for cancer prevention and/or cure, we’ll celebrate this success for several lifetimes!


In life, everything has a beginning. However, it is the progress and growth that creates those breath-taking moments. At Trupointe Cooperative, we believe in the continued progress of our communities through outstanding research to alleviate and cure diseases, to strengthen the world in which we live in.

We uphold the families, individuals and communities that comprise our company. Having the ability to contribute to society’s improvements in creating a healthy, happy world through the foods we raise was a step forward in sharing our values. With a simple beginning as a founding partner for the Fueling the Cure™, a program to benefit breast cancer research, we are bringing our efforts towards a broader range of benevolent giving. The Growing the Cure™ program not only supports a healthy lifestyle, but is advancing the discovery of food products that could decrease cancer rates across the globe. This is our moment to assist growers in creating and providing the safest, most wholesome food supply for the entirety of our planet.

As a company undergoing progressive growth, we understand in the potential that evolves from passion and desire for positive change. We are inspired to make a difference for today, tomorrow and years from now, to benefit the children, men and women within our world. As a sponsor, we hope you will join us in supporting and increasing awareness for food research conducted by “Growing the Cure™”.

In-Kind Contributing Partners